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My sugar gliders finally came home!

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 4, 2015, 12:30 AM
Rocket and Pocket came home yesterday. Here they are earlier tonight. (Those are honeysuckle vines they're eating, by the way.)


  • Mood: Love


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LivelovelifeEleni Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi stranger. You are a great person and I hope you makr the most out of life and ThaT life is awesome for You. You matter✌♡stay awesome you awesome person just wanted to share some da love with ya✌♡
MissSkrit Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2015  New Deviant Professional General Artist
OMG a deviant who is actually close to my age! *hugs you and never lets go*
puppy-dangerous Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2015  Professional Artisan Crafter
lol We can sit together on my front porch and shout at kids to get off our lawn! 

OMG So I have these really bad chronic injuries (from being thrown into and thru various objects at 30mph for 15 years while having large bad-tempered animals trying to kill me), traumatic brain injury (from 100+ concussions) and some autoimmune crap, which means sometimes I'm stuck in bed either not being able to walk or with weird neurological crap, muscle tremmors and stuff, and I'm usually pretty OK in bed or a wheelchair or whatever (good days I'll walk 15+ miles, I like tobe super active) but if it gets into weeks or months when I feel crappy and can't get around I start getting a little bummed out, and my husbad usually responds by going out and finding some piece of nostalgia to cheer me up, I love crappy movies and prety much anything from the 80s and 90s, so he gets b-movie packs and movies/shows/cartoons from when we were kids, he'll get figures and clothes and stuff but media is always better.

Anyway, a little while back he got the original three TMNT movies, and I finally watched the first one a few weeks ago (because of course I don't need the movie to watch the movie, lol, I can still run through every line) and my kid comes walking in. She's 11, the daughter of two incredibly geeky punks, really smart, she'd seen the movies when she was really little but is mostly familiar with the new cg show that seems to have replaced April with Gwen from Ben 10...but anyway, point is, she comes in, looks at it, looks at me...

"This movie is terrible."

"What? This movie is awesome!"

"Look at them! They look like...they look like 90s puppets."

"They ARE 90s puppets!"

He got me the three Jurassic Park movies the other day. I'd told him the first dino reveal always makes me cry but he'd never actually seen it happen. "Wow. You are such a nerd."  

I read a really neat article the other day, talking about the 'nameless' generation that sits between "x" and "mellinial" that were young teens when hope PCs really started taking off, I was The Kid With The Computer since we were fairly well off (we're all self employed artists, buisness was good in the 80s and early 90s, for my parents of course though I was selling stuff at 15) and it's interesting, asit pointed out, that we straddle this technology gap, for older people computers were (and still usually are) incomprehensable magic boxes, and for younger people it's such a part of everyday life it's a magic box  in the other direction, this thing that works or doesn't and though some people understand what's going on underneath it's more like vaguely knowing power comes from a station and gets to your light bulb. Then there are the people who grew up typing the number into a dial-up connection and activating programs one by one in dos shell...the computer is a machine. But more than that, we know the insecurity of the internet, we don't have the nievety of the older generations or the blithe acceptance of the newer generation. We expect them to snoop unto us, phones, internet, none of these are secure. We ask why an app needs permission to access every piece of information on our device, we refuse to allow this website to see our location. We see technology as something to poke and prod and play with, and many of us feel the power underneath that technology. We are pirates and the internet is our sea, you may stop me but you can't stop us all.

Ack, I need to root my tablet but I've got art I'm working on and they pulled the art app I use, they've just got the free w/paid features instead of the pro version and it looks crappy and obnoxious, I can save as a photoshop file but I have to fix my pc and find my hard drive (thank you for stacking it with the 10 other possibly dead harddrives we have, I appreciate that. I love sitting around plugging parts into a computer all day)...first world problems right there. 

This is puppy rambling. *wanders off*
MissSkrit Featured By Owner Edited Jun 22, 2015  New Deviant Professional General Artist
You have no idea how much I wanna high five you right now. Its a good thing you're not here or you'd be high-fived into oblivion. Many of my friends are younger than me (due to some of my more lighthearted interests *guilty smile*) and I often feel that they just don't "get" anything. They look at the world entirely differently than I do. I find it cute and novel mostly, but sometimes it wears on me.

Lately more than ever I find I long for someone to talk to who can talk about anything real. Who can at least somewhat make sense of the world around them instead of readily offering shallow and popularized opinions, quoting memes, or just brushing me off, treating me like I'm not a real person but just an app on their phone to amuse them and then be relegated to an invisible background process while they do only the things that immediately and quickly feed their egos and need for constant attention.

What has happened to real conversation? Nobody has it. Nobody wants it. They just plug in, tune out, and that's life. That's what people tell you to do. Bad night? There's nothing wrong with YOU, it's just bad luck. So go repeat the same stupid selfish behaviors. Just go on Tinder and squander your body and life and just cry when you're not loved because everything is about you you you and your precious needs and hey, what you need has gotta be had and it's gotta be now.

Everyone I know from a later generation lives assuaging their precious feelings but nobody else's feelings are precious to them at all - they're just another array of apps on their phone, selected at will to fit to any situation - or lack thereof. The men I meet are impatient perfectionists who wear blinders to all their own flaws and think women exist to obey them and feed their ever-needy ego - because that ego stroking they need to get through the day has got to be had and it's gotta be had NOW.

This is why I'm so glad I met you, Puppy, because the people I know, they look at things but they don't see.  They don't see me because they don't see anything. They need to speak all the time but they don't listen. They want comfort but don't even know how to begin to comfort others. Their protocol is to edge away into the night feeling uncomfortable and let you suffer alone. But if they stub their toe they enjoy your protocol - come running, help, worry, remember to ask how the toe is on Monday, etc.

It's a cold technological world out there and you and I didn't grow up like that. We're far from that hilarious and lovable proverbial maltempered elder still, but we're from a time when shows and movies were funny because they actually were, not because CGI made them so. When stories became classic because they touched people and they didn't need a million dollar budget, they just needed soem pain. The kind that everyone can relate to. That's why I love 80's and 90's media too. It had something that's sorely missing now. Innocence. Truth. Heart. Everything now is about the cheap trick (not the band lol), the easy win, and the frosting but not the cake - sex, money, drugs, action, violence, nudity. But as far as actually touching you? They'd have to be in touch with themselves to make entertainment like that. And they're not.

But I could talk all day and I won't make you read a book, just know that your message was the best I've gotten in years. I also have a lot of weird conditions, I've just managed somehow to get a system where I can get around them as much as I can, but i know what its like to live with those limitations. So you can always talk to me. :D
puppy-dangerous Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2015  Professional Artisan Crafter
It's funny, they call us 'The Me Generation' but we grew up with our idols being powerful but ultimately peace-making. The bad guys weren't just straight up evil, there was always something behind it. The good guy was often a reluctant hero, many times fighting a corrupt system much larger than themselves (whether it was a corporation or a school) and it was often done in a group that had a close bond even if they disagreed. 

We grew up being told to stand for what we believe in, to fight a corrupt system and that we COULD change things. We were taught to distrust what we heard from authority from our hippy parents, and were told to go out an discover and explore by the TV icons that raised us. We were taught that knowledge is power. 

We were young when our parents could afford nice things, and as we grew we watched that fall away, to some degree. We learned to pick and choose what was important, our grandparents and parents told us to fix things instead of throw them away. I remember I had a super cool alarm clock when was a kid, one day it stopped working so I immediately pulled out a screw driver, took it apart carefully noting where the parts went, and when I assembled it again it was fine. 

That 'fix it' attitude makes us comfortable with modifying things, we want to mess with them, see what we can make them do. 

We watched the sci-fi of our childhood come to be commonplace. And we are aware of the power it holds. We don't have a thing you just text and call people with, or use to check your facebook wall. We have a portal to all human knowledge, right there, just a few keystrokes away. I'm still amazed that there will be a group of people in our studio, all with connected devices in their hands, wondering about something- and I'm always the one that takes the five seconds to find it and answer the question. 

It seems like media has hit a point now where, to slightly misquote Ian Malcom- "they are so busy seeing if they could that they don't stop to think if they should. It's millions of dollars of CGI to make movies that are shallow and not even visually real (Transformers, I'm looking at you with your thousand ton robots running around on a ground that doesn't shake one bit, not even disturbing the leaves on the nearby trees). It's all flash and no content. 

One of my favorite movies of all time is still Clerks. Why? Because it's an entire movie that is just character building. 

My husband just pointed out that it's 3am and I should probably go home...
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siantjudas Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2015   Digital Artist
We all know contesting me in a certain sense causes innate implosion. Only  few know that. ;)
puppy-dangerous Featured By Owner May 4, 2015  Professional Artisan Crafter
Hmmmm, you cause implosion, I unzip reality...let's do lunch. Watch the world go 'kaplooie'.
siantjudas Featured By Owner May 5, 2015   Digital Artist
I'm sure it would be interesting.
Joe-Roberts Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
 Thanks for faving :)
Doctor Who, Dr Who by Joe-Roberts 
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